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Witterings of Tangerinecath

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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
4:31p - Surprise
Little'un & I had lots of fun on Sunday when we went to Sheffield to pay a surprise visit to our friend BabiesEverywhere - her boyfriend Deckchair was in on the surprise so we could sneak up on her and really give her a shock! She was still in her dressing gown at lunchtime (a fact which I'm sure I promised not to tell anyone ;-) ) and once we'd scraped her off the ceiling she was really mortified! The look on her face was an absolute picture but once she got over the shock we all had a lovely afternoon. It was BE's birthday last week so we took her a pressie, and BE & Deckchair are getting married on Saturday so we took a wedding present too. Little'un is going to be a baby bridesmaid so we're all very exited.

Little'un loved the 8 cats that live at BE & Deckchair's house but they weren't too keen on her and spent most of our visit in hiding. We came home with a singing, dancing dog that is Little'un's new favourite thing. BE & D be warned.... I am bringing it to the wedding to keep her occupied and so that it can get on EVERYONE's nerves....

current mood: excited

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