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I hate cars. Like, I REALLY hate cars.

We're all fully on the mend now, thanks very much for all your good wishes.

Went to work as normal yesterday, but had a bit of a nightmare getting home - there was an accident that I got stuck in a traffic jam behind and after I had barely moved for about 1/2 hour I had to switch the engine off as I was getting a bit low on diesel. I thought I was being really clever and forward thinking by not letting myself run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, but oh no, Calamity strikes again...

My little car is a diesel car with glow plugs, and if you sit in it without the engine running but with the key in the ignition trying to find a traffic report on the radio then the glow plugs charge up every so often and drain the battery. This results in an inevitable call to the nice breakdown people to ask them to find you and jump start your car.

Must remember to put some sensible shoes in the boot, trying to push a dead car off the road in silly pointy office shoes is not my favourite way of spending an evening. In the middle of the countryside. In the dark. It was bloody freezing too.

Oh yeah, and The Yorkshireman's car failed it's MOT on Saturday, and has cost us £240 to put right.

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