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Wheel of the Year Photo Project

As of tomorrow I'm taking part in Pewari's Wheel of the Year Photo Project - in a nutshell I choose 12 themes that I photograph on the first day of every month next year, and by the 1st December 2006 I will have a record of changes throughout the year.

I'm really looking forward to taking part, not least because my life is very work/family/home oriented at the moment and I don't really have anything that I do purely for myself. This is something just for me, apart from inflicting the results of my amateurishness on the internet at large of course! I have even spent some of my Christmas loot on a new toy that has extra megapixies to draw even better pictures.

I will be posting the fruits of my labours to my Flickr account - here - so make sure you pop by and have a look. I post more pictures here than I do to my blog anyway so feel free to have a look any time. Each month I'll post a link so you can keep up with my progress.

- an archway we have with climbers growing up it
- the garden furniture, which would be a good indicator of the weather, ie is the parasol up, is the table covered or uncovered etc
- a pot with bulbs and flowering shrubs that will change according to season
- something of interest in the garden that month (this one will change according to what looks particularly nice)
- A picture of whatever I'm looking at or doing at midday on the 1st of each month
- Little'un standing against her height chart so you can see how she's growing
- Me in front of a mirror wearing a pair of trousers that fit well at the moment, in the hope that they'll be hooooge on me by 1st December!
- Lincolnshire countryside - a picture taken from the same place every month
- Lincolnshire countryside - a different picture each month of something that sums up whats going on in the farmland around here.
- Traffic through Boston at around 5.30, sometimes it's absolutely horrendous and sometimes there's no-one out but me
- A tree near here that looks wonderful no matter how many leaves are on it.
- The street that I live on

Anyone else fancy having a go? I know I should have given you more notice - sorry!
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