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The End....

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who left me messages of support here, it's been such a pick-me-up to log in and get them, everyone's been amazingly supportive of me recently and I couldn't appreciate it more.

Yesterday I went along to see a solicitor to discuss taking my case for working from home to tribunal. He agreed to see me for half an hour for nowt, which was great as I can't afford solicitors' fees - I really am in the wrong job, those guys charge a fortune y'know! He took me through the Flexible Working for Parents legislation - a strangely short document which essentially says bugger all; the guidelines that the CAB and the DTI publish go into a lot more detail about how a company should refuse a request but unfortunately it would appear that these guidelines aren't backed up by the legislation itself...

*cue incredulous stares and gasps from tangerinecath*

Even the indirect sex discrimination claim would be decidedly dodgy as I would have difficulty putting together a strong enough case to win the money it would cost me to do it.

All in all, very deflating. I must have sagged lower and lower toward the ground as I trudged back to my car afterwards.

Oh well, at least I didn't get to work until 11am so it was a very short day in the office :oD

There's a very large part of me that's incredibly relieved. The possibility of having to go to court was looming over me like this huge work sized lead lump and was really stressing me out. I feel better for knowing that it isn't going to happen now.

I'm obviously now going to have to stick to full time hours in the office but I've agreed a sort of "banked hours" working structure which means that if I'm ever late or have to leave early I can make the time up on days when The Yorkshireman is able to do the nursery run.

All in all, not the outcome I was hoping for but now I feel like I have some energy back as the whole thing had almost sucked me dry of the will to live. I'm going to put all this new-found energy into making the most of the time I do have with my family, and maybe indulging in a bit of light blogging and going out with my camera and taking the odd photo or two.

I'm also going to bombard anyone who could possibly give me a job with my CV.

Employers of Boston beware... you're about to be Tangerine'd...
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